Info about our Builders



Triple A Homes

Triple A Homes was founded by Dan Morse in 2015 and lovingly named after his three children, Ally, Abby, and Aiden. We pride ourselves on being a local custom home building company with a purpose to build an outstanding home at a competitive price. Featuring start to finish home solutions, full design services, and an owner who has over 20 years of residential home building experience, you can guarantee you’re going to get an exceptional home filled with memories for years to come!


Gemstone Homes

Gemstone Homes is a locally owned, custom home building company. As a local business with strong family roots in the area, Gemstone Homes is committed to serving the community. With a combined 30 years of experience in the construction and home building industry, Ken and Chris decided in 2017 to branch out on their own and launch Gemstone Homes. Like a gem, we know each home is precious to the families who purchase and live in them. At Gemstone we work hand in hand with our clients at every step of the home build process. From design to execution we strive to deliver a home that exceeds our buyer's expectations of what a home should be.


Reward Builders

Reward Builders, Inc. is an award-winning building company that is dedicated to providing its clients with a different kind of building experience. Reward Builders was founded by Wayne Holt in 2001. Since its inception, Wayne has established Reward Builders as a leader in quality custom homes.

The founding principle of the company was to provide a quality custom home that would exceed the buyer’s expectations, both in craftsmanship and the friendliness of the building experience. We aim to provide the customer with a home that is as functional for everyday living as it is beautiful, and a building experience that will be pleasurable from plan selection to move-in.


Starcraft Builders

Starcraft Builders, doing business since 1998, is a locally owned and operated home building company specializing in custom homes. We've used modern styles and a focus toward energy efficiency to break out from the pack and become one of the area’s leading custom builders. Our careful selection of lots and subdivisions helped to expand their business across the Triangle Area.

Owners, Jason and Steve Brown, take a more hands-on and personal approach to home building. Open communication and one-on-one meetings create an intimate building experience. Starcraft Builder’s attention to detail and a keen eye for maximizing space help to ensure all your home building ideas are realized.